Card Based Adventure (CBA)


The object of the game is to improv a story line that is started and controlled by a game master. The game master uses the suits of cards to help with decision making and the outcome of certain events. The game is only as fun as the game master and players contributions. Recommended for people with imagination and a sense of humor.


There has to be at least two players in this game, and can be played with as many as 5. One player is the game master, and the others are pawns in the game masters world. Each player receives 1 card of each suit from random. Those will be there stats. Keep in mind the game is all improv, so if the player decides to go "meditate" or train in brazil to improve there stats, roll with it, draw a card that fits the category, and if they succeed think of a appropriate amount of time to be away. The fun of the game is that you can do anything.

Types of Cards

When drawing 1 of each per player involved, these are the respective meanings.

Spade = Endurance
Club = Attack
Heart = Vitality
Diamond = Skill

Each suit of cards has its own category in which to help move the story along. Based on these bases, you can make the narraration fit the draw of the card. Say for example, one of your players wants to kick a can at a beast to stun it, while he sneaks up from behind to kick his butt. You would draw a card from the diamond pile, if it is smaller than the requester, they succeed.


Traditionally the game is played with one person taking a turn at a time. But sometimes because the game is mostly improv, you might be taking turns simultaneously, or even out of order. It is up to the game master to make it fun for everyone.

Tips For The Game Masters

It may be up to the game master to make the game fun, but it is also up to the players to contribute to make the game fun. Sometimes, you will have players that ruin your carefully thought out story, or keep doing stupid stuff to make your game slow. Keep your chin up and your wits at ends. If they aren't progressing the story, push them along. You have ultimate power.

You may find that these rules are quite vague and thats the point. There will be many different house rules based off of how you want to play it. These are only guidelines to help get started. There are infinite possibilities for creating in this game. Making more rules only weighs you down.

Video on Youtube soon to come.